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The 7 Steps to Keeping Bees in Your Own Backyard eBook

The 7 Steps to Keeping Bees in Your Own Backyard eBook

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Learn what to expect your first year, how to buy bees, the parts to a beehive, everything you'll need to buy, how to avoid getting stung, what to plant for bees and more.

This book is only 28 pages, but it's packed with a lot of great, useful information. 

Once we review what you need BEFORE you get your bees, we go through what you'll see inside a beehive and how to identify it all.

Then I share with you my favorite bee books, documentaries, Instagram accounts and free resources to use when teaching kids about bees.

About the author: I've been teaching people about bees and beekeeping for the last 7 years. I worked for commercial apiaries before starting my own bee farm, Bee Happy. I now offer in-person and online beekeeping classes as well as sell packages of bees.

*This is a digital download in PDF format. It can be viewed from a computer, ipad, tablet or smartphone. Your download will be available to you as soon as you place your payment.

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