Why Honeycomb?

Why Honeycomb?

People have been keeping bees and eating honeycomb for thousands of years. The comb is completely safe to eat and my personal favorite way to eat honey.

Honeycomb is the only way to make sure your honey is completely raw. If the comb is in tact (and not melted), then the honey wasn’t heated too high. Honeycomb contains the maximum amounts of nutrients and health benefits of any kind of honey. This is because the honeycomb contains bits of pollen and propolis within the wax as well as the honey. Since honeycomb cannot be strained, all of these nutrients stay within the honey. There’s nothing like seeing honeycomb to be reminded how much work bees put into every teaspoon of honey we eat. Like liquid honey, it never spoils.

Honeycomb can be used in ways that liquid honey can’t. While drizzling honey over a salad seems odd, topping a salad with crumbled goat cheese and hunks of honeycomb is a heavenly way to eat your veggies. Honeycomb is a delicious carrier for honey, transforming it from something merely absorbed by the other ingredients to something that stands on its own.

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